Master These 6 Methods to Convert JPEG to Text

Master These 6 Methods to Convert JPEG to Text

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Without diving deep into the topic, convert JPEG to Text seems easy. Well, you wouldn’t be here if it were that easy, right? Juggling between JPEG image and text can be a little difficult if you manage them manually. However, by choosing the right tool to convert JPG to Text, you can save a lot of effort and time.

Thankfully this article is in your best interest. Here are the top 6 JPEG to Text software, and you will learn how to convert JPEG to Text.


Part 1: Convert JPEG to Text on Mac and Windows

The market is filled with numerous choices, but to help you convert JPEG to Text effectively and find the right way, here we have prepared a list of some core JPG to Text apps. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR (Mac)

If you are a Mac user, consider downloading Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR. It gives users multiple conversion options for images, including convert JPEG to Text, JPG to Excel, Epub, Keynote etc. A simple and user-friendly interface is something that few apps of this type have. With Enolsoft you’ll get just that. Packed with OCR feature, it surely deserves a place on our top picks for converting JEPG to Text.

Main Features of Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR

  • Convert native, scanned PDF or image to Word, Excel, Epub, Keynote etc.
  • OCR languages: Korean, English, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Japanese etc
  • Batch conversion
  • Keep the original layout with high accuracy
  • Advanced OCR settings
  • Compatible with MacOS Catalina


Let’s see the step-by-step process of how to convert JPEG to Text with Enolsoft:

  1. Download and Install Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR on mac
    Free Download
  2. Import JPEG/JPG images
    Drag-n-drop JPEG images to the program, or click “+” to upload files. If you want to save time, you can batch convert images at one time.Note: The OCR button is ON by default when the uploaded file is image. But if it is a scanned PDF, you need toggle ON the button.
  3. Choose the page range, language and output format as TXT
    If you have multiple pages to convert, you can choose all or specific pages. Then select the language and output format.
  4. Begin to the conversion process
    After that, click Convert to get the text file.

2. FreeOCR (Windows)

FreeOCR is a free OCR JPG to Text software for Windows. It supports scanning from most Twain scanners, open most scanned PDFs. It is very simple to use and allows you to scan any text-based image and convert JPG to text. With Tesseract V3 OCR engine, it increases accuracy and retains the page layout so that more accurate results can be achieved without using any zone selection tool.

Here's some of its notable offerings:

  • Uses Tesseract OCR engine
  • Free
  • Support multiple pages
  • Can extract text from three sources: scanner, image or PDF

Follow this process to use FreeOCR to convert JPEG to Text:

  1. Download the software on the official website and install it
  2. Open a JPG image file
    Add an image file and choose the OCR language you want to use, then just click the red button to clear text window
  3. Start the OCR process 
    Hit the OCR on the top bar to start converting JPEG to Text.
  4. Copy and paste 
    Now you have your text, click the fourth button in the middle to copy all text or you can export text to Microsoft Word directly by clicking the Word button.

3. Microsoft Word (Mac, Windows)                                                                          

Can We Convert JPEG to Text with Microsoft Word?

The answer is No, we cannot convert JPEG to Text with Microsoft Word directly for it can only edit Word files. But there comes with a OCR feature built into Onenote, also one of the Microsoft Office suite. You can use it to convert JPEG to Text, copy and paste it in Word.

Apart from this it also has several other features to offer including:

  • Supports handwritten files
  • Supports all kinds of image formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc
  • Works on both native and scanned PDF
  • Available for all platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, even online 

Simple steps to convert JPEG/JPG to Text with Onenote:

  1. Install the program on your devices and run it
  2. Drag and Drop an image into it
  3. Right-click the image and choose Copy Text from Picture
  4. Paste the text into Onenote or Word

Part 2: Convert JEPG to Text Online (Free)

If you only have a couple of PDF or JPEG image files to modify, if you’re in a hurry and your documents do not contain sensitive or confidential data, then the best way to quickly convert JPEG to Text is by using an online JPEG to Text converter. Here are a few popular online JPG to Text conversion services that you can try.

Option 1: Google Docs

Google Docs is a web-based PDF or JEPG editor developed by google. It can now convert JPEG to Text. Google Docs has a powerful Optical Character Recognition feature built right in. Here's how to convert JPG to Text with Google Docs.

  1. Go to the google docs website
  2. Upload an image from your device
  3. Right-click the JPEG file and choose Open with > Google Docs
  4. Edit the file
    The top portion is actually a copy of JPEG image file carried at this part. Underneath it what google docs does is an image file converted to Text, you can edit it.
  5. Export
    Now all need you do is click on the File > Download > Plain Text (.txt)

Option 2: Online2PDF

Online2PDF is a free website that offers different tools for editing of PDF and image files online. Users can use it to convert JPG to Text breezily. Apart from converting JPEG to Text, there are other tools available such as compress PDF, merge files, split files, convert specific pages, rotate pages, unlock PDF files and remove password and more. Users can feel free to use all the tools here without any download and registration.

Follow this procedure for converting JPEG to Text by using Online2PDF:

  1. Open the website
  2. Drag and Drop you JPG image file or click Select files from your computer. You can upload more files at one time if necessary.
  3. Go to convert to, choose Text(*.txt) as output format.
  4. Click on Convert button, then the JPEG file has been converted to Text immediately.

Option 3: Img2go

Img2go is an online JPG to Text converter and photo editor that enables users to edit, improve image quality, convert JPEG to Text, crop, resize, compress, and add watermarks to their photos, even convert video to GIF. It is extremely easy and convenient to use. For this reason, it serves to be an ideal to convert JPG to Text for both amateurs and professionals.

How to convert JPEG to Text with Img2go?

  1. Go to Img2go and choose an JPG/JPEG image file
  2. Adust the settings according to your needs
    Scroll down and choose the Target format as TXT, select Convert with OCR and source language
  3. Hit the Start button, then the image file will be converted and downloaded automatically

Part 3: Quick Summary of 6 JPEG to Text Converter

  Platform Batch Conversion No Size Limit Security Quality
Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR Mac high
FreeOCR Windows medium
Onenote Mac/Windows collapse
Google Docs Web unstable
Online2PDF Web low
Img2go Web low

Among all the apps that we tested, Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR for Mac was the clear winner. This software does a great job of converting JPG to Text properly.

Part 4: JPG to Text or JPEG to Text

Actually, there is no big difference between JPG and JPEG. JPG and JPEG stand both for an image format. However, why both .jpg and .jpeg images can exist together? Older Windows versions to cannot support the file extensions that are bigger than 3 letters. While Mac computers and newer Windows computers can handle files with the .jpeg extension. Between them, JPG is a far more popular file extension than JPEG.

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions of Converting JPEG to Text

Q: How can I convert JPEG to Text on my iPhone? 

A: There are many iOS apps to convert JPG to Text such as PDFPen, Office lens, CamScanner, Finescanner etc.

Q: Can Google Keep convert jpeg to text?

A: Yes. Google Keep is an android app used to store a wide variety of text or audio notes, check lists, pictures and URLs. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Keep on your mobile device
  2. Tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner > Take Photo
  3. Tap the check if you're done it OK
  4. In the resulting window, tap the menu button
  5. Tap Grab Image Text
  6. Title the note
  7. Edit the note as needed

Q: How to convert jpeg to text without losing format?

A: Upload your image into Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR. Then adjust settings including choose the page range, language and output format. Finally click Convert, this helps you to convert JPEG to text.