6 Best JPG to Excel Converter for 2020 (Online Free and Offline)

6 Best JPG to Excel Converter for 2020 (Online Free and Offline)

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JPG is a web-friendly format due to small size. Sometimes, we need to extract text from a JPG, then add to a spreadsheet, or we just need to convert the whole JPG file to editable Excel for editing purpose. While, both cases require OCR tools that allow users to convert JPG to editable Excel file.

OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition, it helps to recognize image text as computer-readable characters, so users can copy, paste and edit the text on image-based files. There are online free or offline paid OCR tools working on JPG to Excel conversion, here we pick the best 6 JPG to Excel OCR converters, no matter you are using Mac or Windows PC.

3 Best JPG to Excel Converter---Online Free

If you are new to convert JPG to Excel, you may be looking for an online free JPG to Excel ocr converters as many other users do, since they are free and super easy to use. Anything that costs nothing but does the job for you is attractive. So, we will start with the top list of 3 best online free JPG to Excel converters.

#1 Online2pdf

Whenever I was asked to recommend an online free tool to convert files, online2pdf is always on the top of my list. Online2pdf is a powerful file converter, allowing users to convert PDF and images, also helping on editing, compressing, unlocking, protecting, merging PDFs. The greatest part of using this tool is the high-quality conversion result. In my test, I captured a table and saved in JPG format, online2pdf helped to recognize the tables in original formatting. 


  • Good quality;
  • Free and easy to use;
  • Support native PDF, scanned PDF and images;
  • Allow customizing Excel output;
  • Batch convert;
  • Export as various formats;


  • Poor quality when working on complicate files;
  • Recognize only 6 languages;

Steps to Convert JPG to Excel Online Free with Online2pdf

  1. Click “Select files” to add JPG files into the program;
  2. Choose output as Excel and select the file language in OCR options;
  3. (Optional) In the preferences option, customize the Excel output as needed;
  4. Click “Convert” to turn JPG to Excel format;
  5. Once the conversion finishes, the Excel will be downloaded automatically, save it to your device.online2pdf

#2 OnlineOCR

OnlineOCR is another online free JPG to Excel converter with accurate OCR results and good formatting. It is super easy to use and can recognize more than 40 languages in the file. Even, you are allowed to preview the conversion results before downloading the Excel file.


  • Good quality;
  • Free and easy to use;
  • Recognize 40+ languages;
  • Preview results before downloading Excel output;


  • Output needs manual adjustments when working on complicate files;
  • Cannot batch convert;
  • Support exporting to only 3 formats;
  • Max file size 15mb;

Steps to Convert JPG to Excel Online Free with OnlineOCR

  1. Click “Select file” to add JPG files to the program;
  2. Choose file language;
  3. Choose output as Excel;
  4. Click “Convert” to change JPG to Excel;
  5. Once the conversion finishes, download the Excel file;onlineocr

#3 Zamzar

In fact, Zamzar doesn’t allow to convert JPG to Excel directly, you will need to save the JPG file as PDF first, then convert PDF to Excel. And the reason why I still put this on the top 3 list is due to its capability to yield good conversion quality as other 2 online free converters. Even, Zamzar allows users to convert virtually all files, such as videos, audios, documents, ebooks, archives, etc.


  • Good quality;
  • Easy to use;
  • Support converting all kinds of files;
  • Export as different formats;
  • Batch convert;


  • Output needs manual adjustment when working on complicate files;
  • Only 2 files can be converted for free;

Steps to Convert JPG to Excel Online Free with Zamzar

  1. Click “Add Files” to import JPG files;
  2. Choose output as PDF, then click “Convert Now” to save JPG as PDF first;
  3. Then upload the PDF to Zamzar again;
  4. Choose output as Excel;
  5. Click “Convert Now” to turn JPG file to Excel format;zamzar

What About Other Online Free JPG to Excel Converters?

There are other online JPG to Excel converters available and I did tested them to find out if there are more options to convert JPG to Excel online free. However, they all fall short on the conversion quality.

For example, many users are wondering if they can convert JPG to Excel with smallpdf. The answer is Yes, but similar to Zamzar, you will need to save JPG as PDF first, then convert PDF to Excel with smallpdf. According to my test, smallpdf cannot fully recognize the text and there is no formatting retained. So, if you want to recognize some simple text from an image file, smallpdf worth a try.

When talking about converting JPG to Excel with ilovepdf, it is a pity that ilovepdf won’t help on this. I tried to upload the same testing file to ilovepdf, other online programs could process the conversion, but ilovepdf couldn’t even recognize there were tables in the PDF file.


But this doesn’t mean there are no alternatives to those best 3 converters, you can still have a try on easypdf, online-convert and other online free OCR tools to turn a JPG file to Excel format.

Best JPG to Excel OCR Converter for Mac

Though there are good online free tools available to export JPG as Excel, many users still pay for an offline JPG to Excel converter in the end. One reason is that online free tools are borne with potential risk of information leakage and unstable conversion quality, while the other reason is that offline ones bring high-quality and professional conversion results.

Here for Mac users, you are recommneded with Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR for mac, it is a professional OCR converter to export scanned files and images into multiple editable formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, Text, ePub, etc.

Main Features of Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR

  • Perform OCR on scanned files and images, export as editable formats (Searchable PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Pages, Text, ePub, etc.);
  • Recognize 200+ languages;
  • Convert native PDF to 16 formats;
  • Batch convert files;
  • Preserve original file layout and formatting;
  • Convert full file or specified page range;
  • Support password-protected PDFs;
  • Allow to add password to the PDF output;

How to Convert JPG to Excel on Mac with Enolsoft?

  1. Free download Enolsoft JPG to Excel converter onto your mac, install and launch the program;
  2. Drag and drop JPG files into the program, it supports batch convert JPG to Excel on mac;cisdem jpg to excel converter
  3. Choose the JPG file language and select the output as Excel;cisdem jpg to excel
  4. Click “Convert” to change JPG to Excel on mac.

Best JPG to Excel OCR Converter for Windows PC

ABBYY FineReader 14 for Windows is a powerful program allowing users to edit, convert, scan even compare PDFs on Windows PC. It brings highly accurate conversion results and recognize hundreds of languages. For being so, couple with the extended features it offers, ABBYY FineReader comes with a high price tag.

Main Features:

  • Edit PDFs within the program: search, review, comment, protect, fill forms;
  • Convert PDF, scanned files and images into Excel, Word, and other editable formats;
  • Compare PDF smartly;
  • Customize settings;
  • Automate conversion;

Steps to Convert JPG to Excel on Windows with ABBYY FineReader 15

  1. Free download ABBYY FineReader JPG to Excel software onto your Windows PC, install and launch the program;
  2. Click “Open”, choose “Convert to Microsoft Excel”, then upload JPG file;jpg to excel windows
  3. Then in the “Keep formatting” menu, choose “Editable copy”;jpg to excel windows
  4. Then the Excel file will be opened with your defaulted reader, save it.

If You Have Installed Adobe Acrobat

If you need to deal with digital documents, you must have heard about Adobe, the creator of PDF file format. Its Adobe Acrobat series is absolutely the most feature-rich program to manage image-based files. And if you have installed Adobe Acrobat, it can also works as a good JPG to Excel converter.

Steps to Convert JPG to Excel with Adobe Acrobat

  • Step 1. Run Adobe Acrobat, go to Tools>Create PDF;
  • Step 2. Once the JPG file is opened in Adobe, go to Tools>Export PDF;
  • Step 2. Then choose output as Spreadsheet;adobe jpg to excel


There may be more options to convert JPG to Excel online or offline, and the best one is always the one should solve your problem with best result but at affordable cost. So, what is your choice to convert a JPG file to Excel with OCR?