3 Solutions to Insert PDF into PowerPoint Easily

3 Solutions to Insert PDF into PowerPoint Easily

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PowerPoint is a highly versatile tool for businesses looking to conduct professional presentations. It was regarded as the most popular way to share data and information on annual report or quarterly report. But what makes us afflictive is that we can’t figure out how to insert PDF into PowerPoint document, especially the PDF file comes with more than one page. This tutorial will walk you through three unique methods to insert PDF into PowerPoint, without having to suffer the format loss.

The Most Practical Way - Convert PDF to PPT or PPTX

If you desire to insert the actual PDF page, information or images content into your PowerPoint and edit the PDF text in slide, converting PDF to PPT or PPTX should be the most effective way. In this condition, you would not only import the PDF file itself into PPT. So let’s master the method on how to save PowerPoint as PDF with PDF to PPTX converter or PDF to PPT converter below. 

#1. Insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac

Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR for Mac is by far the best software for PDF to PPTX conversion due to its powerful performance that for PDF converting, creating, compressing and password removing. 

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Key Features

  • Turn PDFs & images to searchable and editable texts in batch
  • Convert scanned PDF files to writable PowerPoint, EPUB, Word, Text, Excel, Html, etc.
  • Edit native PDF or scanned PDF with advanced multi-lingual OCR function
  • Preview current page to check the modified formatting and quality
  • Provide searchable documents in 200+ OCR recognition languages
  • Professional design, easy-to-use interface and high conversion speed

Steps to Insert PDF into Powerpoint on Mac

  1. Import the PDF files to the software. Drag and drop PDF files to Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR for Mac. Or you can click on the "+" button on the Home window and select the PDF files that you intend to convert.add files to enolsoft
  2. Choose PPTX as output format. The program supports saving PDF as 16 general formats, including PowerPoint, Word, Keynote, Excel, HTML, EPUB and more. Just choose “to PPTX” from format list and select page range. If you are going to convert scanned PDF to PPTX, turn the OCR button on.pdf to pptx on mac
  3. Start PDF to PowerPoint conversion on Mac. Click “Convert” button on the bottom toolbar and wait for converting process finish. Finally, find your converted PDF files and try to insert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac.

#2. Insert PDF into PowerPoint on Windows 

iCareAll PDF Converter is the easy-to-use tool for converting PDF to PowerPoint on Windows. It helps you deal with PDF document in a quick, affordable and safe way. Important features of the software.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF document into editable formats
  • Create new PDF files from Word, Excel, PPT, and image
  • Load 1000+ files in batch for converting 
  • Support PDF merge, PDF decode and PDF compress

1. Download and install iCareAll PDF Converter on Windows. 

2. Choose “PDFToPPT” option from left column, and click “Add File” button to import PDF files or directly drag files into it. insert pdf to powerpoint on windows

3. Set destination path to save converted PDF files and then start converting. You can convert PDF to PPT within 5 pages for free.

4. Insert converted PDF files into PowerPoint on Windows. 

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint as an Image?

If you would like to insert PDF into PowerPoint directly, the easiest way is to use it as image. All your data and content can be presented on the slide also. But with this solution, you can’t edit the text and image of the inserted PDF file, which will make your operation a little hard. 

  1.  Open PDF file that you want to insert as image and return back to PowerPoint. 
  2. Choose Insert tab from PowerPoint toolbar, and click Screenshot command in the Images group.insert pdf as an image
  3. Your PDF file will appear in Available Windows. Select the PDF document that you need capture as a screenshot. Or you can click Screenshot Clipping option to insert PDF into PowerPoint as image. 

In order to make everything more convenient, you’d better shut down all irrelevant interfaces, and only leave PDF and PowerPoint windows. 

Ensure all PDF contents can be shown in the screenshot. 

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint as an Object?

The final solution is inserting a PDF file into PowerPoint as object. It performs a similar set of steps with method two. Where it differs from inserting PDF as image is that you should not have the PDF file open during the process. 

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and find the PPT where you need add a PDF file. 
  2. Click on Insert > Objectinsert pdf as object 01
  3. In the Insert Object box, select Create from file option and then click Browse.insert pdf as an object
  4. Find a PDF that you wish to insert into PowerPoint and click OK button. The PDF file will be visible in your presentation.

You’re All Set to Insert 

The 3 solutions we’ve introduced each take care of inserting PDF into PowerPoint extremely well. I tried a fair few ways while coming up with this guide, and Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR was probably the best solution on my Mac. It is dedicated enough to do a large variety of formatting without much time. 

Now it is your turn. I’d love to know which you prefer, so leave your thoughts in the comment– particularly if I’ve forgotten something that’s both free and useable.