DXF Viewer for Mac - Easily View DXF and DWG Files on Mac

About DXF Viewer for Mac

DXF Viewer comes with many functions which gives you a better .dxf and .dwg viewing experience. You can open, view, move, zoom in or out, rotate, change viewing angles and background color at ease.

We at Enolsoft here introduce DXF Viewer to whom work as designers, mechanism design, etc. With this app one can easily check, display and view DXF and DWG files on Mac.

  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Sale Place: Mac App Store
  • Supporting OS: macOS 10.10 or later.

The Features of DXF Viewer

Open & view DXF and DWG files

  • Fast to open and load batch DXF and DWG files.
  • Supports AutoCAD linetypes - compatibility with layout visualization.
  • Support all AutoCAD DXF, DWG drawings with no file-size limit.
  • Support visualization of 3D Wireframe and Shade.

Move, zoom and rotate to view DXF, DWG files

  • You are able to view different angles of DXF, DWG files. Just click the drawing and hold the left mouse button to shift the visual angle.
  • Support changing background color for viewing DXF files and DWG files.
  • Move the DXF, DWG drawing to any position. Just click the drawing and holding the right mouse button, you are able to drag the drawing to any position.
  • Quickly Zoom in/out in any way you want to view the DXF, DWG files.

Export DXF, DWG to PDF and Print it Out

  • Support export or convert DXF, DWG files into PDF file for sharing.
  • Support print out the AutoCAD DXF, DWG files directly, and print DXF and DWG files at 1:1 scale or at a specific scale.
  • Don't Need extra program or plug-in. You can view Autodesk dxf and DWG files without installing other plug-in. What you see in screenshots will be what you get.


Below snapshots are the real software interface you will get. you can operate it easily.



As a designer, I have to show my design to a lot of clients, and explain it. I hate to open software to read. DXF viewer really helps, and it is very fast to open the draft. I can display my drawing from different angle.


It is great, and I can use it to check my designer’s work, I don’t need to download and buy 3D software.


I am a student and learning interior design, I really need a software like DXF Viewer. With this tool, I can open my work everywhere without launching CorelCAD or Autodesk.

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