Technical FAQs

Technical FAQs

How do I speed up the conversions?

Various factors can affect the conversion rate considerably,from source files to computer configuration to output settings. To accelerate the process, you can update your computer’s hardware or lower the output settings to lower standards.


Why does the PDF to Word failed to keep the layout of the original files sometimes?

This problem normally happens when the original PDF files have complex tables, graphs, diagrams, or charts, on all of which the analyzing is not that precise. To get it straight, please send an email to us with the original PDF file attached to report the problem, and we will provide you with the assistance you need.


Why does the PDF to Word want me to enter a password when I am trying to convert some PDF files?

This message comes up because those PDF files are encrypted. Enolsoft PDF to Word cannot do conversions on those files without the correct passwords.


Why could not I edit some parts of the Word file created?

In order to preserve the original layout of the PDF file, PDF to Word exports some tricky parts of the source file to images, which cannot be edited in word files.