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Ordering & Registration FAQs

What is the Registration Backup Service? Do I really need it?

Registration Backup Service is a service provided by 2checkout to its customers. If you bought this service, for one year from the date of purchase 2checkout will store your personal keycode on its server. So you can retrieve it when you encounter system crashes or hard disk failures during this period of time and then re-install this app on your computer.


If you are a paid user of our app(s), it actually does not matter whether you bought the Registration Backup Service, as we offer our customers with lifetime free Keycode Retrieving Service. If your keycode is lost, an email to us with either your order number or invoice will help you get it back.


What is the company’s updating policy?

Lifetime free updates for the app(s) you bought is provided by Enolsoft.

What is the standard procedure for updating my software?

If you see your app has been updated to a more advanced version, you can update your copy of that app to this newer version. Just delete the existing copy from your computer first, download a copy of this app’s newer version, install it on your computer, and then activate it with your personal keycode. Your keycode may not be valid on the app’s newer versions, in which case you need to contact us to get a new one.

What is your company’s refund policy?

Trial versions available on our website provide you with an opportunity to fully explore the app in which you are interested and to make sure that this app perfectly suits your personal needs. It is, therefore, encouraged to use the trial version before making the actual purchase. If you, however, are quite unsatisfied with the app you bought for serious reasons, you can contact us at sales@enolsoft.com within thirty days after the purchase for a full refund. Please bear it in mind that, in the email, please include the order number, the invoice, or other unique identifying information that can help us find your order.


How do I register the program I bought?

It actually is very simple for you to unlock the program you purchased. If you use a Mac, you can first launch the program, click on "Help" on the menu bar, and then select the "Enter Keycode" or "Register XXX". In the registration window appears, you need to copy-n-paste the keycode received to the box and press "Register" to complete the process.


Why is my keycode not working?

Three possibilities. The first one is that you might download a wrong program (not the one you actually bought); another one is that your keycode does not match with the version number, in which case you need to go to our website and download a copy of this program’s very latest version; the last one is that you might mistyped the keycode received. The keycode is case sensitive and some characters and numbers can look very much alike in given fonts, so there is a pretty good chance of mistyping. We recommend using the copy-n-paste feature to input the keycode and making sure no extra space before or after the keycode when pasting.


How do I get my keycode back if I lose it?

You can get your keycode back if you purchased the Backup Service from SWREG. If you did not buy that service from SWREG, you can always get it back from us by writing an email to sales@enolsoft.com with your order number, invoice, or just the email address you used in that purchase in it.