6 Ways to Do Chinese OCR on PDF or Image File

6 Ways to Do Chinese OCR on PDF or Image File

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You may be learning Chinese, or have a travel plan to China, even try to extend your business in China, which greatly increase the possibilities to deal with Chinese. And sometimes, you will need to recognize Chinese characters from images or scanned copies to serve for your purpose. In this case, Chinese OCR is required.

To perform Chinese OCR, here we collect 6 OCR tools or online free services for our readers, no matter you are doing this on Mac, on Windows, on iPhone or Android device.

Best Chinese OCR Software

The best way to do Chinese OCR, according to most of users, is using a desktop OCR software that can recognize Chinese. Since the choice for desktop OCR software is relatively bigger in quantity, also they are always equipped with a more powerful OCR engine for high accuracy than those for mobile devices.

Here for Mac users and Windows users respectively, we pick the best Chinese OCR software as following.

Best Chinese OCR Software for Mac

Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR for Mac can be picked as the best choice to do Chinese OCR on scanned PDF or images. It also helps exporting the files as multiple editable formats with high conversion quality.

Free Download

Main Feature of Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR:

  • Work on native, scanned and protected PDFs, also support images;
  • Perform OCR on PDF and Images;
  • Convert files to editable or image formats, total 16 kinds;
  • Batch OCR;
  • Recognize 200+ languages;
  • Accurate and fast OCR processs;
  • Extract images from PDF;

How to Do Chinese OCR on PDF with Enolsoft?

  1. Download and install Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR on your mac.
    Free Download
  2. Upload PDF for Chinese OCR by drag& drop, or click “+” to add; add files to enolsoft
  3. Tweak settings for Chinse OCR PDF.
    Turn OCR button ON, choose OCR page range and select file language as Chinese. Then choose output as searchable PDF or others.enolsoft pdf ocr
  4. Click “Convert” to start Chinese OCR on PDF.

How to Do Chinese OCR on Images with Enolsoft?

  1. Download and install Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR
    Free Download
  2. Drag and drop images into the interface;
  3. You will find the OCR feature is ON by default, choose the file language as Chinese and select output as Word or others.
    When OCR images to searchable PDF, you can click the settings icon to add password to created PDFs.
  4. Click “Convert” to start Chinese OCR on images. ocr image with enolsoft

Best Chinese OCR Software for Windows

Foxit PhantomPDF for Windows is a great tool to manage PDF files, it combines the functions to edit PDF text, create PDF from other documents, organize PDF (combine/split), convert PDFs and perform OCR on digital files or papers from a scanner. If you need to work on PDF files on a regular basis, Foxit PhantomPDF won't let you down.

  • 1. Download and install Foxit PhantomPDF on Windows PC.
  • 2. Open the scanned PDF with Foxit.
  • 3. Then go to Convert>OCR>Current File.windows ocr 01
  • 4. Then tweak the OCR settings, choose file language as Chinese, then click OK.windows ocr 02
  • 5. Once Chinese OCR finishes, edit or export to Word or others by choosing from toolbars.

To perform Chinese OCR on paper files from a scanner, launch Foxit, go to Home>Scan>Scan, choose the scanner and connect to import files, once the file is imported to Foxit, repeat the above-mentioned steps to continue the Chinese OCR.

Best Online OCR Tools to Do Chinese OCR

For users who are new to Chinese OCR, they prefer online OCR service. But according to my experience, online OCR service is a good choice only when you are working on simple files, on non-private file or don’t require high on OCR accuracy.

Basing on my tests on 10 online free Chinese OCR services, here we pick Convertio and onlineocr as the best 2 choices for users. Also, for users who are wondering if Google Chinese OCR worth a try, we did the text in the end of this part and you will find out the answer.

#1 Convertio

The first online OCR tool I would like to recommend is Convertio, it allows user to OCR Chinese PDF or images into 11 editable formats, it offers high OCR accuracy with original formatting well retained.


  • Support recognizing 70+ languages
  • Output as 11 formats: docx, epub, cvs, text, xlsx, etc.
  • Recognize multiple languages in one file
  • Save OCRed files to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • High OCR accuracy with formatting preserved.


  • Very slow OCR processing: 5 minutes for an image
  • Only 10 pages can be done with OCR for free

Steps to Do Chinese OCR with Convertio

  • 1. Go to Convertio 
  • 2. Click “Add more files” to upload the Chinese PDF or image for OCR processing;
  • 3. Choose language, output and pages for processing;
  • 4. Click “Recognize”.
  • 5. Once ready, click “Download” to get the editable Chinese file.convertio ocr

#2 onlineocr

Another online free Chinese OCR tool to recognize characters from Chinese files. OnlineOCR also brings a highly-accurate OCR result, but not that as accurate as Convertio can do. While, it processes very fast on OCR.


  • Support recognizing 46 languages;
  • Output as Docx, Text and XLSX;
  • Easy to do Chinese OCR;
  • Fast


  • Formatting is scarified

Steps to Do Chinese OCR with onlineocr

  • 1. Go to onlineocr;
  • 2. Click "Select files" to upload Chinese files;
  • 3. Choose file language and output;
  • 4. Click "Convert" to do Chinese OCR.

chinese ocr onlineocr

#3 Is Google Chinese OCR Good?

As Google offers a great platform to manage files online, many users get used to work on files in Google Docs, which support doing Chinese OCR. However, the truth is, according to my several tests, Google Chinese OCR cannot maintain the original formatting. In other word, Google Chinese OCR can only recognize the characters, but the formatting is messy.  

google chinese ocr

Anyway, if you just want to recognize the characters with Google Chinese OCR and it is acceptable for you to manually adjust the formatting, Google Docs OCR is still worth a try.

  • 1. Login into your Google account and go to Google Drive.
  • 2. Directly drag and drop the Chinese file to Google Drive or click “New” to add files.upload to google
  • 3. Right click on the Chinese file to open with Google Docx.
  • 4. Then save or edit the recognized file in Google Docs. google ocr

Best Chinese OCR App for iPhone or Android

Best Chinese OCR App for iPhone

Adobe Scan is a highly-evaluated and powerful mobile OCR app for iOS. It is developed by Adobe, the creator of PDF format, which guarantees the excellence in its OCR performance.

Main Features of Adobe Scan

  • Scan files to photo or PDF format with your iOS camera;
  • Edit the scanned file: reorder, crop, rotate, adjust color;
  • Do OCR on scanned files, export them as text or searchable PDF format;
  • Accurate OCR
  • Recognize 19 languages, including Chinese;
  • Turn business card to contacts
  • Save scanned files to Adobe Document Cloud

Download Address: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-scan-doc-scanner-to-pdf/id1199564834

Best Chinese OCR App for Android 

Text Fairy is a popular Android OCR app in Google Play to recognize text from image-based files. It is an open source and free to use, also, there won’t be annoying ads.

Main Features of Text Fairy

  • Scan files with Android device camera;
  • Convert images to Text or PDF;
  • Edit extracted Text
  • Recognize 50+ language, including Chinese
  • Extremely easy to use

Download Address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.renard.ocr&hl=en_US


No matter you want to do Chinese OCR on Mac, Windows PC, iOS device or Android device, the key is to find a good Chinese OCR Software, it will do anything for you.