Top 7 Preview to Word Converters on Mac (Free Download)

Top 7 Preview to Word Converters on Mac (Free Download)

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Preview, one of Mac’s built-in apps, is developed to open and view the PDF and image files. Many people export their documents as PDF format, but when they need to convert Preview to Word document, they have no idea.

This article offers you the easiest way to change Preview to Word on Mac.

Table of Contents

1. Export Preview to Word with Mac’s Built-in App
2. Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR: The Best Way to Convert Preview to Word Document on Mac
3. How to Open a Preview Document in Word on Mac
4. Convert Preview File to Word with Google Docs
5. Can I Use Preview to Word Converter Free Online

1.Export Preview to Word with Mac's Built-in App

Mac users are so lucky that Mac's default app, Preview, allows them to open and view PDF and image quickly without download.

What can Preview do?

  • 1. Add text
  • 2. Highlight text 
  • 3. Add signature. 
  • 4. Add notes.  
  • 5. Edit images: Crop, Rotate, Adjust color.  
  • 6. Share and export. 

Excellent Features:

  • + Built-in app on Mac
  • + Free to use
  • + Basic editing features

What could be better:

  • -Lack OCR feature
  • -Only support copy and paste

Now you can see the Mac default PDF application, Preview, may open and view the PDF and images, however, it can only copy and paste. That’s where a third-party app comes to rescue.

2. Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR: The Best Way to Convert Preview to Word Document on Mac

Obviously, if you want to convert Preview to Word, the default mac app is not suitable for you due to its limited features. Therefore, you can consider other preview converters available on the market.

The optical application that supports Preview to Word conversion and makes it extremely easy to use is Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR. It’s designed to convert preview files into various formats for editing such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, etc. When you convert Preview to Word in Enolsoft, the original format still gets well maintained. 

Excellent Features:

  • + Native, scanned, encrypted PDFs or images support.
  • + Recognize 27-100 languages: Korean, English, German, Polish, French, Italian, and Russian etc.
  • + Output 16 formats: Word, Excel, PPT, ePub, Image etc.
  • + Batch PDF processing,
  • + Highly accurate OCR results
  • + Keep original layout
  • + MacOS Catalina Compatible



What could be better:

  • - It only can be used on Mac 

Step 1: Download and Install

Go to the official website: and  get the free trial download.

Free Download

Step 2: Upload your PDF file

Drag and drop your Preview files into the page, or add them by clicking + button.

Step 3: Convert Preview to Word

No matter which type of PDF you upload, the OCR button is ON by default. For native PDF, you can just turn off the OCR buttton. Then choose the language and page range you want to convert, select Word as output.

Note: Tweak the Advanced setting.
For better results, you can click “the Advanced setting” to adjust the OCR applied zone manually. The content can be automatically separated as image, excel or word.

3. How to Open a Preview Document in Word on Mac

If you have installed Microsoft Word (2013 or later version) on you mac, it could also be a great helper to convert Preview to Word. Microsoft Word has a built-in feature that helps users to change Preview PDF to Word. Now let's see how to open a Preview PDF in Word. (Take Word 2016 as an example)

Excellent Features:

  • + No need to download (for those who have launched Microsoft Word)
  • + Free
  • + Easy to use

What could be better:

  •  - Images and tables can't be handled well on the new Word format

Step 1: Launch and Open Microsoft Word (2013+version)

Step 2: Open Preview PDF in Word

Click “New”, create a blank file in Word. Click “Insert”> “Text” > “Object”

Choose “From file”, now you can insert PDF in Word.

Step 3: Save your PDF file as Word Document

4. Convert Preview File to Word with Google Docs

Google Docs is an online platform developed by Google. It can open preview files and save them as other format like Docx, Numbers, Txt, Epub, etc. With it, you can edit texts from a scanned PDF or image. Therefore, we always called Google Docs "Google Preview PDF to Word Converter".

Excellent Features:

  • + Free of cost
  • + Compatible with multiple platforms
  • + Quick 

What could be better:

  • - Several steps to take
  • - Don’t support image-contained PDF
  • - Require Google account registration (for those of you who don’t have one).
  • - Size limit (<25M)

Step 1: Login in Google Accout

First, visit Google Docs and login. 

Step 2: Upload your PDF file

Click the file icon to upload PDF file. 

You can choose files from Google Drive or computer device.

Step 3: Open with Google Docs

Once the file is opened, choose Google Docs besides "Open with Google Docs".

Step 4: Export Preview to Word

Click file on the top bar, click download, and then choose Microsoft Word (.docx). Now the preview file has been converted to word.

5. Can I Use Preview to Word Converter Free Online

The answer is Yes.

Most people use online converters for convenient and free. There are several good and free online preview converters you can use to convert Preview to Word.

Note: When you decide to convert Preview PDF to Word online, it means you should take the risk of leaking your privacy details. What’s worse, the conversion quality is not so good.


Smallpdf is one of a massive number of online Preview to Word converters. It offers a range of PDF conversion and edition services, including PDF to Numbers, PowerPoint, Word, JPEG, and more. In addition, it can convert an encrypted document with its “Unlock PDF” feature by removing password and permission from your PDF.

How to convert Preview to Word with Smallpdf?

1.Open the website, and select PDF to Word.

2.Choose a preview file from your device or drop it directly.

3.Choose whether or not you need to use OCR.

4. Wait for the conversion and then download your Word file.

PhantomPDF Online

PhantomPDF Online is a web-based PDF editor for your online Preview to Word conversion needs. It provides users an access to view, edit, optimize, organize, and redact PDF online. Apart from basic features and capabilities, PhantomPDF supports up to 41 languages, which is a stunning feature compared to other webs.

Steps to convert Preview to Word with PhantomPDF Online.

1. Choose a file on your computer

2. Click “To Word”

Note: Registration needed the first time you convert a preview file.

3. Check your Word file

The file has been saved to your local drive. Check the file.


ZamZar is an online Preview to Word converter that can convert your PDF or image file to a number of other file formats like Word, Numbers, xlsx and more. Compared with the first two online websites, Zamzar has no account requirement, so it can protect the privacy of users to some extent.

How to use it to convert Preview to Word?

1. Add the preview file or select link.

2. Choose the format you need to convert.

3. Click on Convert Now.

4. Download your converted file.

6. Summary

Converting Preview to Word on Mac isn’t so hard, whether with Mac’s built-in app Preview, Microsoft Word or Google Docs and other online, offline Preview to Word converters. But if you require the security and high quality of the file, using a Preview to Word converter software is undoubtedly a great option. What’s more, if you’re looking for cost-effective software with advanced PDF editing or converting features, Enolsoft PDF converter with OCR should be your number one choice.

Anyway, each way has its own pros and cons, hope you find a method fits you best.