4 Ways to Convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac without Losing Quality

4 Ways to Convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac without Losing Quality

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There are several reasons for you to convert PPT to PDF on Mac, such as:

  • For easy sharing, printing, or reviewing.
  • The PDF file can be quickly opened in Preview on Mac
  • It’s unable to be modified or edited
  • With all the formatting retained

If you want to convert PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF on Mac, you’d better find the solutions that can balance the twin needs of speed and quality.

In this article, we have extensively covered the contents on how to save PowerPoint as PDF on Mac, publishing three thoroughly researched methods.

What’s the Difference between PPT and PPTX format?

1. Supported Office Version

PPTX file, generated by PowerPoint 2007 or beyond, can only be opened and add new slide effects in the higher version (e.g. PowerPoint 2011, 2016).

PPT is the default file extension for PowerPoint 2003 or lower. Actually, it’s compatible with any PowerPoint version, but the majority of the new effects are not supported.

PPT format is now so obsolete that much PDF creator software merely works with PPTX format.

2. Naming Rule

PPT follows the naming rules of Microsoft, that is, the suffix name cannot exceed 3 letters, and the file name cannot exceed 8 letters, which PPTX no longer does.

3. Feature

PPTX contains more features such as graphics, gradient, animation effects, etc. while the PPT file format doesn’t.

The Best Way to Convert PowerPoint to High-resolution PDF on Mac

(For PowerPoint 2007 or later)

Enolsoft PDF Creator for Mac is a dedicated tool that designed predominantly for creating PDF from a wide range of file formats, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPG, CHM, ePub, RTFD, HTML, and so on. Although this PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF converter really is little more than a PDF creator, that's no bad thing. The interface is open-and-shut and streamlined, and the software benefits from being lightning-fast.

What makes Enolsoft PDF Creator stand out:

  • Occupy just about 6MB of space
  • Convert any popular document formats to PDF
  • Create PDF files in batches
  • Specify the page ranges
  • Rename your documents
  • Set the password to protect your new PDF file
  • Offer 6 types for page size: original, A3, A4, A5, B5, and US Letter
  • Choose the output quality from original, low, medium to high
  • Merge all your created PDF files into one single file

Steps to convert PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF on Mac:

Step 1. Launch the software

Download the software > open the DMG file > drag the icon to Applications folder, and then PPTX to PDF converter will be successfully installed on your Mac.

Double-click on the icon of Enolsoft PDF Creator to launch the software.

Free Download

Step 2. Load the PowerPoint document

Drag-n-drop the PPTX files to the program, or click on the”+” button to select files from your Mac. All the PPTX files you selected will be automatically uploaded within a matter of seconds.

The software empowers you to arrange the PowerPoint documents in the order you want them to be converted.

Load the PowerPoint document

Step 3. Convert PPTX to PDF on Mac

Click the gear icon to set page size and quality (Original or High) > Click on the “Create” button > choose the output destination > navigate through your Mac and select the location.

customize the settings

Click the “Save” button to start converting PowerPoint to PDF without losing quality on Mac.

Convert PPTX to PDF on Mac

Step 4. Check the converted file (Optional)

Click the icon to locate the converted PDF file. Open it and check the output quality and accuracy.

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac (within PowerPoint)?

Microsoft PowerPoint itself provides a way to convert PPTX to PDF or PPT to PDF on Mac directly. But the steps may be a little various for different PowerPoint versions.

#1. Using PowerPoint 2011

1. Run the file in PowerPoint 2011 on your Mac.

2. Navigate to “File” on the top menu bar, and then choose “Save As” from the drop-down dialog.

ppt to pdf mac using powerpoint 2011- screenshot 01

3. Choose the destination to save your PDF.

4. From the “File Format” menu > select “PDF” as output format > click on “Save” to convert PowerPoint to high resolution PDF Mac.

ppt to pdf mac using powerpoint 2011- screenshot 02

Aside from PDF, PowerPoint 2011 supports to export PDF to 18 formats as well, including RTF, MOV, JPEG, POTX, POT and more.

#2. Using PowerPoint 2016

1. Open PPT or PPTX file in PowerPoint 2016.

2. In the “File” tab, click on “Export”.

ppt to pdf mac using powerpoint 2016- screenshot 01

3. Name your file and choose an output location.

4. Choose PDF from the “File Format” menu.

ppt to pdf mac using powerpoint 2016- screenshot 01

5. Click on the “Save” button to convert PPT or PPTX to PDF on Mac.

Like PowerPoint 2011, PowerPoint 2016 supports a host of output formats, like PPSM, POTM, POTX, PPS, image formats, etc.

PowerPoint print to PDF

Go to PowerPoint menu > Preferences > General, and then choose the “High” quality option under Print Quality (Paper/PDF).

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF on Mac via Online Service?

#1. ILovePDF.com


  • Process the PPT to PDF conversion on Mac in bulk
  • Save file to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Offer the free version


  • The free version only supports up to 15MB/ per task
  • The free version can merely process 1 file conversion/ per task
  • With ads floating in the page

convert powerpoint to pdf mac online with ilovepdf

ILovePDF is your one-stop shop for all your PDF file handling. Not only does it convert to or from PDF, but also merge, edit, compress, split, unlock, and organize PDF file. It helps you convert PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF on Mac regardless of the operating system used.

  1. Visit www.ilovepdf.com/powerpoint_to_pdf.
  2. Click on the red “Select POWERPOINT files” button to import file. Or you can upload PowerPoint 1920x1080 from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Click the “Convert to PDF” button in the bottom right corner and wait for a while, your converted file will be followed by an automatic download.

It would wait longer to convert two or more PPT/PPTX files to PDF on Mac. And the converted PDFs will be downloaded as an archive file.

#2. Online2PDF.com


  • Merge, rotate, compress, customize, etc. PDF
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF Mac in a batch (up to 20 files)
  • Preserves PDF annotations


  • The single file size can’t exceed 100 MB
  • All uploaded PowerPoint must not exceed 150 MB
  • Take a long time to convert files online

convert powerpoint to pdf mac online with online2pdf

Online2PDF adopts the free approach towards file conversion — all things you desire in a convenient web-based tool. It's available in 6 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), making it an accessible online PPTX/PPT to PDF converter. Like ILovePDF, Online2PDF provides you with tons of main features (10 in total) for PDF processing.

  1. Open up online2pdf.com.
  2. Scroll down to find the grey “Select files” button. Click the button to select up to 20 files or drag the PPT/PPTX files to the specified area.
  3. Choose the file type- PDF file, Image-PDF or Each page as a separate PDF file.
  4. Start to convert PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF on Mac using Online2PDF. And the newly converted file will be downloaded voluntarily.

Before conversion, you can click on the scissors icon to select pages, rearrange pages or split the file you intend to convert.


In terms of popularity and functions, Small PDF definitely doesn’t lose to the former. But it’s only able to upload PPTX file and can’t work in Incognito Mode.


We’ve had a look at 4 ways to convert PowerPoint to high-resolution PDF on Mac, two for desktop (using Enolsoft PDF creator and Microsoft PowerPoint), another two for online (ILovePDF and Online2PDF). It’s handy and accurate to convert PPTX/PPT to PDF on Mac with the PowerPoint. But if you consider converting multiple PowerPoint files to PDF at once, Enolsoft PDF creator is the best optimum selection.