4 Best Ways to Change Font Size in PDF Form on Mac

4 Best Ways to Change Font Size in PDF Form on Mac

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“How do I change the font size in a PDF fillable form on a Mac?”- From Apple Discussion

PDF is now a common format for office similar to MS office, offering a smooth way to read, send and receive documents. But it's packed with poor editability, which makes it difficult to change font size, color or weight in a PDF file that contains blank form fields. Here we will discuss how to change font size in PDF form on Mac, both free and paid solution included.

Interactive PDF Form vs. Non-Interactive PDF Form

The interactive PDF form is a dynamic, writable or fillable PDF file that empowers you to fill out the form straightly by clicking into the field. It can be easily completed online without having to print the PDF. To create a good-looking interactive PDF form, you should use the special software like Form Docs and DeskPDF StudioX.

The non-interactive PDF form is the same as any PDF document. It doesn’t cover the interactive elements such as text boxes, check boxes, buttons, etc. and can’t be filled in a breeze. But there are still some programs that can make the flat form interactive, like Classic PDF Editor.

Change Font Size in PDF Form on Mac Using Following Tools:

How to Change Font in PDF Preview Mac?

Preview, pre-installed on Mac, lets you view PDF files as well as image, AI, FAX, XBM, etc. It also gives you a toolbar to edit PDF, but the feature to edit and makeup often be overlooked. The preview app is fast and free. If you only wish to add text and change its font size in PDF form field, Preview will do the basic job.

  1. Open a PDF fillable form on Mac (it will be opened with Preview by default.)
  2. Navigate to Tools > Annotate > Text from the Preview menu, or directly click on the “T” icon (with a box around it) from the Preview toolbar.
  3. A small text box will show up. You can type plain text inside and click the icon like an “A” to edit the font properties, including font size, color, position, style, etc.
  4. Drag the text box anywhere on the page as you want, and resize it to fit the layout of the PDF form.
  5. Go to “File” > “Export as PDF”. Rename your PDF form and save it on Mac.change font size in pdf form mac preview

If it is an interactive PDF form, you can fill it out firsthand in preview but can’t change the font size.

How to Change Font Size in PDF Form Online?

#1. Hipdf.com (Free)

Hipdf.com is a collection of online services that can compress, convert, split, merge, protect and edit PDF files. Its minimal editor enables you to add text, image, shape overlays and signature to PDF files. However, you can merely change font size of PDF form in three modes: small, normal, and large. There is no option to adjust the font size with numbers.

  1. Visit https://www.hipdf.com/pdf-editor.
  2. Upload a PDF fillable form from your Mac or web-based storage space (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box).
  3. Click the "Add Text" button to bring up the text box.
  4. Type the text you desire to add to the PDF form.
  5. Customize font size and name by selecting the options drop-down box from Aa and Tt. The text might be black color by default. You can change the color as well.
  6. Move the text to the proper form field and click on "APPLY" to save the changes.
  7. Download the editable PDF form on Mac.change font size in pdf form online- hipdf

#2. Online.sodapdf.com (Paid)

Online Soda PDF is a one-stop PDF solution that has the power to create, convert, edit, insert, review, etc. PDF. You can change font size, type, and style in your PDF form or apply other modifications. It can edit any text in a PDF form even it’s non-interactive. However, every time I make a change of the PDF form even the minor change, I have to wait for a while. Since PDF file will be locked when online Soda editor processes it. It’s just time-consuming and annoying.

  1. Go to https://online.sodapdf.com/#/home?r=edit.
  2. Open a PDF form from Mac or cloud account, and wait for the document to load.
  3. Click the “Type Text” button and click on the PDF form where you want to insert or delete existing text.
  4. Start to enter text into PDF form field or modify the existing text.
  5. Set PDF form Font properties by changing font size (Grow Font, Shrink Font, or choose the font size from 8 to 72), text color, font style (Bold, Italic), etc.
  6. Save and download the PDF form.change font size in pdf form online- sodapdf

Change Font Size in PDF Fillable Form on Mac Using Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC lets you view, comment, fill and sign PDF for free. For more advanced features, like edit, create, combine, etc. PDF, you will need to shell out money, but many Mac users are discouraged by the expensive price of Acrobat Pro. Although the free version is incapable of editing PDF, it will allow you to change font size in PDF form with Comment tool.

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Mac and open PDF fillable form in Comment.
  2. Select “Text Box” from the toolbar and draw the text box, and font properties toolbar will appear.
  3. Type the words you want to add> change font size > move the added text to the desired position.
  4. The background color and border color of the text are white and red by default. Press Command + E on Mac to active to open the “Text Box Properties” toolbar, and then you change both of the colors.change font size in pdf form mac adobe 01
  5. Once finished, head to File > Save As. Choose a folder and save your changed PDF form on Mac.change font size in pdf form mac adobe 02

How to Change Font Size in the Whole PDF Form on Mac?

No matter interactive or non-interactive PDF Form, both of them don’t allow you to change font size of the original texts. The online tool- Online.sodapdf.com mentioned above supports to change font size all texts in a PDF fillable form, but it’s not convenient to use for the unbearable drawback. Hence we recommend you convert PDF form to editable format and then change font size of any texts.

Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR is nevertheless a no-nonsense and effective OCR tool that widely acclaimed for its high scanning accuracy on the Mac world. It can convert PDF forms (any PDF files) /images to editable or searchable file formats, like DOCX, DOC, TXT, PPTX, Excel, EPUB, RTFD, Pages, and so forth. Plus, you can manually adjust the OCR applied zone to ensure retaining the output layout.

Step 1. Install the Software

Download, install and run Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR on Mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Import single or multiple PDF forms

Drag-n-drop to PDF forms into the program, or hit the “+” button to import PDF forms. The OCR button will be turned on by default.

Step 3. Edit Advanced Settings (Optional)

1) Specify the page ranges.

2) Choose an OCR language (note: once set, don’t change it, or all operations you made on PDF forms will be removed.

3) Click the "Advanced Settings" icon to bring up a dialog, with OCR applied zone marked as Texts, Images or Tables in different color boxes. Simply draw the boxes to adjust the contents.

ocr pdf forms

Step 4. Choose Output Formats and Start Conversion

Select an editable formats like DOCX or DOC from output format pane for your PDF forms. At last, click the “Convert” button to OCR PDF forms on Mac.

choose output formats for pdf forms

Step 5. Change Font Size in PDF Forms

Open your converted files with a word processor- Microsoft Word. And then you can feel free to change font size in PDF form on Mac.


The above is instructional writing on the topic of how to change font size in PDF form on Mac. You can give a try on any of the free PDF font editors like Preview to fulfill your PDF form and change the font size, color, style, etc. If you intend to edit all the texts in a PDF form, you’d better use the dedicated PDF editor (very expensive) or the PDF converter with OCR feature to help change font size on Mac.