Word to PDF Conversion – Convert from MS Word DOCX to PDF on Mac

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In the previous pos, we introduces how to convert PDF to Word DOCX on Mac OS X Lion, and today in this article, we’ll introduce 3 easy ways on how to convert from MS Word DOCX to PDF on Mac. Read on.

Solution 1: Convert from MS Word DOCX to PDF on Mac with Microsoft Save As PDF add-in Pros:

Save MS Word DOCX to PDF with no need to go to additional websites or download third-party desktop Word to PDF Converter software. - Free to convert MS Word DOCX to PDF formats. Cons: - The files size of generated PDFs is much larger than the original size in *.docx - say the original size in *.docx was 427KB, but the generated PDF version was 8Mb. - You have to convert MS Word DOCX to PDF one-by-one. Guide:

  1. Open up the Word file.
  2. Click on the File Menu and select the Print option (File->Print) or simply use the handy short cut Command + P.
  3. Click on the PDF button which is provided at the bottom left of the window and then select the Save as PDF option from the menu.
  4. Give your desired file name and choose your location and press “save” to save your file.

Solution 2: Convert from MS Word DOCX to PDF on Mac with free online sites (zamzar.com)

Pros: - System independent, works for both PC and Mac users to convert MS Word DOCX to PDF formats. - FREE to convert Word DOCX to PDF on Mac. - No need to install any software to Mac.

Cons: - File size limitation, only supports to convert Word files under 100MB. - You need to enter the email address to receive converted files (which will results in receiving ads as well). - Confidential or important Word files uploaded to the websites. - Not real-time Word to PDF conversion (You don’t know when you will receive the converted files).


  1. Go to www.zamzar.com and select the files you’d like to convert from your Mac.
  2. Choose the PDF format as from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter your email address and hit the “Convert”.
  4. When your Word files successfully uploaded and it will then send the converted files to your email, you last step is to download the generated PDF files from you email to Mac.

Solution 3: Convert from MS Word DOCX to PDF on Mac with professional Word to PDF Converter app (PDF Creator for Mac)


Pros: - Create PDF from .docx, .pptx, .epub, .txt, .rtf(d), .html, .chm, .jpg, .png and more. - Good preservation for the original elements (layouts, text, images, tables, hyperlinks, fonts etc.) when convert Word DOCX to PDF - Merge multiple Word files into one PDF file on Mac. - Drag and drop to create PDF files with ease. - Fast converting speed: convert 500-page files to PDF format within 1 minute. - Free lifetime upgrade and support guarantee!

Cons: - You need to install it to your Mac firstly. - It’s not free.


Step 1: Download and install Enolsoft PDF Creator to your Mac.

Free Trial

Step 2: Open PDF Creator and drag-n-drop the word files to its interface.

Step 3: Hit the “Convert” to start Word to PDF conversion on Mac.