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epson_perfection2480scannerYou know, business men and officers have to manage tons of multifarious documents every day. And most of the documents are papers in the past. Nowadays, people don’t need to face those sundry and annoying hard copies anymore. Office workers prefer to turn papers to digital documents for a more expedite data management. And PDF, the Portable Document Format, helps to maintain the design of a document regardless of the software it was created in. Converting hard copies of documents or graphics to PDF results in a much more manageable-sized electronic file which can be read on a Mac or PC. Sometimes, a PDF file equivalents of a cardboard box paper documents. So, say goodbye to hard copies and no more digging through file cabinets. Meanwhile, it’s much easier and faster to find what you want if store electronic PDFs on computers or in an online repository. So, paperless office can’t stop its step coming to our work.

How do they scan papers to PDF?

It’s super easy to scan papers to digital PDF files with a scanner on matter on PC or on Mac. Just need several simple steps to finish the whole process. For Windows users, place the papers on the bed of the scanner and open Windows Fax and Scan (built-in Windows scanning software) to save the scanned file as a PDF document.

And very likely, Mac users do the similar steps to scan to PDF. Connect a scanner to a Mac and use Image Capture or Preview to create PDFs from papers. Except for the default Windows or Mac scanning software, people also choose other suitable scanning applications like Adobe Acrobat or Advanced Scan to PDF.{1071BA85-C9B0-476F-91C6-6EF7B271929D}

mac scan to pdf

As more and more people scan paper documents, forms, or images to PDF, paperless office approaches to our life closer and leads to higher work efficiency as well as a environmentally friendly social. But, one thing you may miss is that the scanned PDF files are not searchable and editable. However, people seems make no fuss about it with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. With plenty of great PDF OCR Apps, converting scanned PDF to searchable and editable documents becomes a piece of cake in our high-tech digital life.

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