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Canon-550D“Hello, I got some small 1080p HD video recorded with my Canon 550D (Digital Rebel T2i) that I want to upload to YouTube. Since the file is created as .MOV and it won’t upload onto YouTube, I want to know how I can upload these recorded Cannon 550D 1080p HD footages onto YouTube. I use an iMac. Any help?”

Well, in order to upload the recorded Canon 550D 1080p HD videos to YouTube, we should first convert the recorded Cannon 550D 1080p HD MOV  to a format that best supported by YouTube, among the many YouTube supported uploading video format, HD Mp4 format is best for 1080p high-definition video uploading.

Step-by-step Guide to Upload Canon 550D 1080p HD Videos to YouTube on Mac

Step 1: Convert the Canon 550D 1080p HD to HD MP4 format with best Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac.

  1. Download Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac and then import Canon 550D 1080p HD videos to Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac by click the “Add Files” icon or simply drag-n-drop your recorded 1080p HD video files to its interface.
  2. You can also edit your Canon 550D recorded 1080p HD videos with Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac’s built-in video editing features such as crop, trim, apply special effects, and add image/text watermark, De-interlacing etc.
  3. Simple click the “Output Format” column on the software’s right side to select a YouTube HD MP4format from the optimized format drop-down list.
  4. Click the button “Start” to start converting the recorded Canon 550D 1080p HD videos to YouTube HD MP4 format on Mac.


Step 2: When the conversion is completed, go to YouTube website and click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.

Step 3: Click the Upload video button to browse for the recorded Canon 550D 1080p HD video file you’d like to upload to YouTube. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.

Step 4: As the video file is uploading, add as much information about your video as possible in the relevant fields (including Title, Description, Tags, and Category). You’re not required to provide specific information, but the more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video! Click the Save changes button to save the updates you’ve made to the video file.

 Tips for upload Canon 550D 1080p HD video to YouTube on Mac:

  • HD MP4 format retains the best quality when your Canon 550D 1080P HD video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • YouTube prefers de-interlaced video files.
  • Audio and video lengths should be the same and audio should begin at the same time as the video.
  • Once you edit your video in YouTube’s Video Editor, make sure it’s smaller than 2GB in size, and less than 15 minutes unless you have permission to upload videos of unlimited duration.

Try all the features of Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac

Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac Appicon.

  • Runs well on the latest Mac OS X 10.9 with full screen mode supported.
  • Convert videos between all common video formats (including HD) on Mac.
  • Extract soundtracks from videos and convert to any audio formats on Mac.
  • Convert videos for portable devices like iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod, Xbox 360, PSP, Xoom, PlayBook, PS3 etc.

Download free trial of Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac.     Buy Enolsoft Video Converter for Mac online.

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