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PDFConverterformacvsPDFConverterwithOCRPDFConverterformacvsPDFConverterwithOCRHello to all, this is a letter of challenge from me, Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR.  Although I  am much younger than my twin brother PDF Converter for Mac, now I am ready to win the laurel of PDF professional converter 2013.  I am not saying so to show that I am as green as a gooseberry. Instead, I am very confident to defeat my brother because that I have superpower in converting scanned PDF to text and excel.

You wise clients might have already observe the following point. Although my elder brother did a good job to convert normal PDF files to other popular formats of word, PPT, text, EPUB but he cannot do anything to convert scanned PDF files to editable PPT, text, PPT and other file formats.

Here is a small story about my twin brother PDF Converter for Mac on Apple App store. He used to get unjust comments often becaPDFConverterformacvsPDFConverterwithOCRuse his powerless in dealing with scanned PDF documents. The user who paid for him had no idea whether the added PDF file is scanned or normal. Instead, the fault was blamed to my cousin the poor guy. I determined since the first day that I won’t put myself in such an awkward dilemma. I am an improved PDF converter for Mac OS X.


Following is my advantage statement as the nominated best PDF converter Mac OS.

First of all, the OCR tech (Optical Character Recognition) builds me into a super language talent. I can easily recognize 18 languages including English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and more. Therefore, as long as the scanned PDF is created in any one of those listed languages, I can easily convert it to a format that you desired. To convert a scanned PDF to editable word is too common to mention.

Secondly regarding the output format, I am much more than an OCR PDF to Word Converter. I can also convert scanned PDF to Excel. That’s right. I am the first scanned PDF to excel converter in my family. Of course, I can also output other popular file formats. To convert scanned pdf to doc, to convert scanned pdf to text, to convert scanned pdf to html, the list is very long.

Last but not the least; I have another secret identity as PDF Password Remover Mac. I do the job what 007 does and I finish it even better. I can automatically crack the password that prevents the encrypted PDF files from editing, copying and printing. In some cases, the added PDF file is locked with an Open Password. I can do the conversion as well as long as you give me one password, either the authorized Open password or the other password that protected a PDF from editing, copying and printing.

With all those stated merits, I have every reason to believe that soon I,  representing scanned PDF converter, will scale up to become a replacement of PDF converter for Mac. What do you think?


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