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You know, most formal documents or reports are saved as PDF format. While PDF files include two types: one is editable normal PDF file and another is scanned PDF file which is no more than an image. Most PDF converters are able to convert normal PDF to other popular editable documents. However it’s hard to find a good converter to turn read-only scanned PDF into writable files in high accuracy. Well, this article will show you several tips for converting scanned PDF to Word/Excel/Text/Html/PPT/ePub/Rtfd without quality loss with PDF Converter with OCR.

First of all, you should download and install the PDF Converter with OCR software on your Mac. And then, follow the tips below to learn how to convert scanned PDF files without original elements loss.

Tip 1: Select the right languages

When you drag and drop the scanned PDF files into the main interface of Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR, the first thing you should to do is not eager to click the “Convert” button but to select the languages. If the language of your PDF file is only English, you can just select the English language. But if it’s a multilingual PDF file, you should choose multiple languages from 48 optional OCR languages. One thing you need to take care is that the languages you chose should be the same to your original PDF’s languages. This simple step may make a big influence to the output texts.


Tip 2: Adjust the OCR recognition areas properly

Scanned PDF is just a picture, and you can’t extract the texts, tables or graphics from it, without the high-tech Optical Character Recognition engine. Well, this up-to-date PDF OCR converter has the capability for you to adjust the 3 OCR recognition areas (text, table and image) manually. Just as you seen, texts would be marked in green; pictures would be marked in red; tables would be marked in purple. And it even supports to edit the table by adding, deleting and adjusting the horizontal & vertical lines. This is the point step to ensure high accurate conversion.


Tip 3: Preview in real time

This updated PDF Converter with OCR has a practical function – Preview the Current Page. You can check the text, tables and graphics on output page instantly. If you find something wrong with the generated page, you can do more adjustment in time.


These are the 3 useful tips for converting scanned PDF with more accurate. Please take a closer look and put it into practice. If you wanna try now, click here to down it.

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2 Responses to How to Convert Scanned PDF Files without Original Elements Loss

  1. DaveT says:

    Do you have the scan/image PDF to word with OCR for iPad air available? It is great On a mac. Thank you.

    • Marrisa says:

      You mean PDF to Word with OCR for iOS? So sorry, we don’t have iOS version. You can search it on Mac App Store to find one. Or use our PDF to Word with OCR for Mac to convert scanned PDF to Word, and then sync to iPad Air. Have a nice day! :)

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