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It’s always easy to open and read XPS files on a Windows Platform, but how to read and convert a Microsoft XPS file when using a Mac is not an easy thing. Here in this article, we’ll recommend two good ways to convert XPS to PDF on a Mac, both online and offline solutions.

Solution 1: Convert XPS to PDF on Mac with Free Online Site (ConvertFiles.com)

Convertfiles.com is a free and simple online file converter that works to convert any document, archive file, spreadsheet, audio and video file from one format to another. Their service is offered at absolutely no charge and without the need to download additional software or enter email addresses. Just click the Browse button, select your file and upload it. Convertfiles.com will take care of the rest.


Convert XPS to PDF on Mac with free online site is a good option for those who don’t care about upload their XPS document to another website and those who don’t have large amount of XPS files to be converted to PDF format. But if you need to process with multiple XPS files or your XPS file is very important and contains a lot of secret messages, the following solution 2 will be better for you.

Solution 2: Convert XPS to PDF on Mac with Advanced XPS to PDF Converter (XPS Viewer for Mac)

XPS Viewer for Mac from Enolsoft is a fast (XML Paper Specification) XPS viewer for Mac users to easily open and read XPS files on Mac with some additional features like text-search, bookmark, text-copy and Zoom-in, Zoom-out etc. With this XPS Viewer for Mac, users are able to convert XPS documents to XPS, PDF and image formats, as well as extract images from XPS files to PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP and GIF on Mac (OS X 10.6 or later).


About XPS File

Files that contain the .xps file extension are used for descriptor files that have been written in the XPS page description language. The XPS page description language was developed by Microsoft and the XPS file format was intended to replace the EMF file format. XPS files are similar to PDF files. An XPS file can contain information pertaining to the appearance of the file, the file layout and the printing details for an associated document. An XPS file is created in Windows when a user selects the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” option when printing a document that they have created.

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