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kindle-fire-hd-hand-620x465When we get the new Kindle Fire, one of the common questions we may meet is that how can we convert CHM (Microsoft Complied HTML Help) to a more usable PDF format on Mac so that we can import some of our CHM eBooks into Kindle Fire for reference storing?

Well, with Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac and this step-by-step guide, it’s super easy to convert CHM to PDF on Mac so you can read CHM eBooks on many portable devices such as Kindle Fire. Before we go to the step-by-step guide, we should first get a general idea of what is CHM and what is PDF.

What is CHM?

CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) is a Microsoft proprietary online help format, introduced as the successor to Microsoft WinHelp with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported in Windows 7. It is some-what a set of HTML type web pages which has a table of content that are hyperlinked.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. This file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 is used for representing documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it.

Step-by-step Guide: Convert CHM to PDF for Kindle Fire on Mac

Step 1, Download & install Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac
Download Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac and following its wizard to install it to your Mac. When the installation is completed, run it. Click here to download now.

Step 2, Import CHM files
Click the button “Add Files….” or drag-n-drop CHM files to Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac’s interface to add CHM files. You’re able to add multiple CHM files for batch converting to PDF formats on Mac.


Step 3, Start converting CHM to PDF on Mac
Go to “Output Folder” column to specify the converted CHM output path and hit the big button “Convert” to start CHM to PDF conversion on Mac.

The free trial version of Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac only converts parts of each CHM files, if you need to convert the entire CHM files and get additional free lifetime upgrade and value-added services, you need to get a registration code.

Step 4, Transfer the Converted PDF files to Kindle Fire
When the CHM to PDF conversion with Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac is completed, sync your Kindle Fire with Mac, open the folder where you have put the converted PDF file and then transfer the converted PDF files to your Kindle Fire. Or you can e-mail the converted PDF document directly to your Kindle Fire so you that you can read them anytime, anywhere.

Try all the features of Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac

Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac icon.

  • Batch converts multiple CHM files to PDF documents at a time on Mac.
  • Convert CHM to PDF formats while retains the original layouts, fonts and hyperlinks etc.
  • Convert CHM to PDF format for viewing on Kindle Fire, iPad, iPad 2 and many smart phones.
  • 100% compatible with the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Download free trial of Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac.     Buy Enolsoft CHM to PDF for Mac online.

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