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December 12, 2013 - Enolsoft Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software developer, today is pleased to announce the generation of Enolsoft PDF to Text with OCR for Mac. This new released excellent program is specifically tailored for Mac users to extract text from PDFs (including native and scanned PDF) or common images to save as plain Text files with the powerful built-in OCR engine. And it’s fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


Enolsoft company aims tightly on the Mac PDF Apps market, updated the first PDF OCR parent software—PDF Converter with OCR for Mac in October 16, 2013 and have released 4 child apps spasmodically on next month. And now, Enolsoft PDF OCR family becomes stronger with this new OCR-based PDF to Text Converter.

Comparing with the other 5 compatriot brothers, this application is simpler for users to operate. That’s because users don’t need to adjust 3 OCR recognition areas but just one – text. Of course, it also has many common functions with the other five. For example, enable to convert multilingual PDF with 48 languages supported; preview current page in a real time to check the words; and effectively batch conversion. While, all these titles work like a charm on OS X Mavericks. In a word, Enolsoft launching this PDF to Text application is to help Mac users who wanna copy a mass of important text resources or read PDF files on mobile devices to extract intact text from PDF document with the cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition technology.

“It’s now the season of enjoying cozy holidays, but our developer teams devote themselves to pushing more and more new apps for Mac users. Well, God rewards the diligent. Today they unveiled this useful PDF to Text OCR application which is as appealing as other former 5 PDF OCR apps. With this drop-dead simple utility, users can simply drag and drop PDF file onto its interface and the text will be exported as a pain Text file, words intact. Users will like it, I believe.” said Marrisa Liu, Manager of PDF project of Enolsoft Corporation.

Pricing and Availability

Enolsoft PDF to Text with OCR for Mac is available now through the Enolsoft official website with a retail price for $39. All of the Enolsoft products provide a free trial version for download. For more detailed information about Enolsoft PDF to Text with OCR for Mac, visit:  http://www.enolsoft.com/pdf-to-text-with-ocr-for-mac.html

Free trial: http://www.enolsoft.com/download/enolsoft-pdf-to-text-with-ocr.dmg

About Enolsoft Co., Ltd.

Enolsoft Co., Ltd. is passionate about utility productivity. The company provides a comprehensive range of products that can be used in many areas of multimedia, with a strong focus on PDF tools. Additionally, Enolsoft Co., Ltd. offers video conversion, YouTube HD downloading and converting apps. For further information about Enolsoft Co., Ltd., visit: http://www.enolsoft.com.


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One Response to Enolsoft Launches PDF to Text with OCR for Mac users to Extract Text from Native and Scanned PDF

  1. Clement Burh says:

    I have downloaded it. Works well!

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