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Christmas is just pushed early upon us and it’s time to start planning the lengthy gift lists. To get you started, here we list some of our best Xmas gift ideas for the movie lovers on your list. Read on to get creative ideas this holiday season and be known as the best gift giver ever.

1. DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs

Movies on DVD or Blu-ray discs are popular Christmas gifts for movie fans. Movies offer great entertainment during the holiday season, and at the same time gifting DVD or Blu-ray discs are an inexpensive way to say “Merry Christmas”.


2. Portable DVD Player

If your film lovers are always on the go, a portable DVD player that can go along with him/her is really a great Christmas gift.
Portable DVD players are perfect for air travelers or back-seat passengers on a long road trip, and they’re really not all that expensive ($100-$200).
Rip DVDs for Playback on iPhone 4S/iPhone 5


3. Movie Theater Tickets or Movie Rental Gift Cards

Movie theater tickets and gift certificates are perfect for any occasion, and they are especially appreciated at Christmas time. Spread some holiday cheer with theater gift cards, or tickets from your local theater. For those movie lovers who enjoy movies at home, movie rental gift cards may be just the ticket.


4. Widescreen Computer Monitor

This is a great gift for movie lovers who don’t use their computer to its best film-viewing capabilities yet. With more websites offering films online or for download, the Internet becomes one of the perfect places to find gems that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see with the click of a mouse. Since most films are best viewed in their original widescreen format, a widescreen computer monitor is a great gift idea for movie lovers.
Free download YouTube videos on Mac


5. DVD Ripping/Video Converting App

For your movie lovers with big DVD collections or with large videos storage, DVD Ripper/Video Converter software can be good additional tools to help him/her convert DVDs/videos into any video/audio formats they need for playback on the go with portable devices like iPhone 5, Nexus 7, iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy S 3 etc. There are many programs such as Handbrake and iMedia Converter that both convert videos and rip DVDs, ranging from free to those that cost $20-$50.
Is it Legal to Rip DVD?


6. Surround Sound

Even if you’re not a movie lover, this is an awesome gift. There is no other way to watch a movie – especially if what you’re watching is an action packed movie with all kinds of things blowing up. In all actuality, ANY type of movie sounds great with surround sound. This is a great gift for those that spend a lot of time watching movies at home, plus, it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone because they’ll be able to use the surround sound on their television as well.


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